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Our Mission

We have two locations Central Austin or Avery Ranch. At Avery Ranch Dance & Yoga we offer a balanced curriculum providing for both creative expression and excellence in skill development in a variety of disciplines for dance, yoga, and musical theater. We wish to provide a positive, professional studio environment for the Avery Ranch community!

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Dance for All Ages

A wealth of choices are available for adults, teens, kids and todders!  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Drill Team Prep, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Toddler Dance, Dance Combos. 

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Yoga for All Ages

Bring your MAT and join us for classes in your neighborhood! We pride ourselves in small yoga classes that provide personal instruction for the Avery Ranch Community. Classes are offered starting at age 5 and up!

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Prenatal Yoga Wednesday 7:00-8:15

This class leaves you feeling empowered, calm, confident, and refreshed! Nurture yourself and your baby with positive energy. Take time for you!


Fine Arts Academy T/Th 9-2:00 (Fall)

Tues/Thurs 9:00-2:00  Ages 3-5

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Creative Movement, Visual Art, Drama, Music, Yoga & Kindergarten Readiness.

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Performance Teams

Dance School TeamAn accelerated Performance Team program is availablefor students wishing to experience pre-professional study in dance, as well as three performance opportunities throughout the year for ages 5-18. Performance Teams study ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary modern dance OR hip hop.

Placement Auditions Upon Appointment

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Hip Hop Classes in Avery Ranch

Hip Hop

Dance School Hip HopHip-hop is a fast urban form of dance that is often seen on television music videos. This totally clean hip-hop dance class is designed with a funky flair of technique and fun!  All Hip Hop dance classes are co-ed unless marked “Boys.” Click here for boys only dance classes.


Musical Theater

Dance School Musical TheaterStudents train for a Broadway-style production piece each season, including all aspects of theatre, voice, acting, and dance. Students improve their improvisational skills for a greater stage presence.
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ballet feet

Ballet Alignment for the Healthy Dancer

Dancing Stronger, Dancing Longer

Over rotation of the hips has been a part of ballet training for many years. Here at Dance Discovery we use contemporary ballet methods to protect the hips from over rotation and injury. This helps dancers to avoid injury and dance for a longer number of years.

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